Are you frustrated because a conversation with a friend didn’t go well.  Did you walk away feeling misunderstood?

 Would you like to improve your communication skills and avoid interpersonal conflicts? 

If you answered YES to either of these questions, the Maxwell DISC workshop
is for you.

Would you like to know why YOU and everyone else behaves differently?

Would you like to learn the patterns of behavior that are unique to you and those you meet?

Would you like to understand those patterns of behavior and use them to communicate, influence and increase your leadership ability?

If you answered YES, to these questions the Maxwell DISC Workshop is definitely for you!

The DISC Model of Human Behavior is a powerful yet simple tool to predict and understand an individual’s behavior and what motivates them. Knowing your core personality traits and those of others allows you to develop better personal and career relationships and manage conflicts more effectively. 


Understand your pattern and communication style.

Understand the habits and communication styles of others.

And how to manage and avoid potential personality conflicts.

This workshop is your FIRST STEP in understanding people and
developing the people skills to succeed!

Carolyn Warren is a seasoned, transformational speaker and coach who inspires change. She is an excellent listener and disciplined learner placing her on the forefront as a coaching professional.”

Brenda Joyce Johnson

"After a session with Carolyn, you leave feeling like you have a plan. She is excellent at breaking down the problem and giving you realistic solutions that you can implement immediately. Each time we speak I not only walk away feeling motivated and more optimistic but also like I can tackle whatever obstacle is in my way."

 —Monica Warren

“The coaching experience taught me to have peace in the eye of the storm, to deliberate on what action I needed to take and to pay attention to what’s really happening. It was a fine-tuning experience. The questions that were asked provided movement toward progress.”

—Renee Hill



With this simple tool you will be able to predict and understand an individual’s behavior and what motivates them

Are you ready to pivot and maximize your leadership potential?

Are you ready to become a better communicator and improve your relationships?  

This workshop is the starting point to understanding people and developing the people skills to succeed.  

Your communication skills increase when you understand that everyone is NOT like you.  

Different is not bad—it’s simply different.

Communication breaks down when we don’t understand the people we’re talking to. This workshop is your first step towards building and restoring relationships. 


Develop good people skills

Create better relationships personally and professionally

Reduce conflict, improve productivity, and relate to others more effectively

I’m Carolyn, 

Leadership Coach

Carolyn is a certified coach and consultant who specializes in improving teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

With over 20 years of experience in business and non-profit leadership, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and insight that she uses to help organizations build an empathetic and collaborative culture.

She is a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Behavioral Analysis Trainer who strives to help leaders and their team members reach organizational goals by bringing out the best in them.